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If you are a busy sales executive you don't want to waste time copying addresses and appointments in to your contact manager and when you are busy you don't want to miss a meeting because you didn't transcribe the details correctly - then let copy2contact™ convert the meaningful text from any e-mail, web site, or document into Contact, Calendar, Task, and Note items for Microsoft Outlook®,® and NetSuite CRM .

First, choose the text to be captured by selecting it with the mouse. For example, in an email you have just received (see above).

Next capture the text by holding the Control key and pressing c twice quickly, assuming you have the “ctrl-c ctrl-c” shortcut key enabled (the default). copy2contact™ intelligently determines the type of text you selected and chooses the type of item appropriately.

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What can anagram do for me? Plenty! Copy2Contact will drastically reduce the time it takes you to add contacts, meetings, memos, and to-do items. Here's a few examples of how it does it.

Adding an Address Found on a Web page

This is a huge time saver. Find the address you are looking for, hit the magic keystrokes and instantly you now have all the contact details in your contact manger. Select the address and phone numbers and press Copy2Contact's™ shortcut key to instantly add the information to your Contact List/Address Book. No more back and forth cut and paste operations that can take forever. One simple keystroke and you have the address information you wanted.

Adding a Meeting from an Email Message

We're always being notified of business meetings or upcoming events by email. Copy2Contact™ can quickly add these items to your Calendar, in one simple step. Select the text that describes the event and its date and time. Then press Copy2Contact's™ shortcut key (normally control-c twice quickly) to ask Copy2Contact™ to create a new appointment on your Calendar.

Adding an Address Found in an Email Signature

Many people include a "signature" block (a few lines containing their name, address, phone numbers, and email address) at the end of all emails they send. These signatures are invariably in different formats for compactness or visual appeal, but Copy2Contact™ can intelligently make sense of the differences. Select the entire text of the signature and press Copy2Contact’s™ shortcut key to add that person’s contact information to your Contact List/Address Book.

Creating a Memo Containing Travel Directions

Web sites often contain travel directions that are indispensable while on the road. Instead of printing out the directions and worrying about losing them later, select the text and instantly create a new Note/Memo using Copy2Contact™. Later, you’ll have those critical directions when you need them most... right in your contact manager.

Creating a Memo From a List

Ever receive an email with a list of restaurants to try while visiting an unfamiliar city, or perhaps you’ve come across a list on the web of taxi companies that service your hotel for an upcoming business trip? Select the text of the list, including the title, and create a new Note/Memo record automatically using Copy2Contact™. You’ll have the information at your fingertips when you need it.

Adding To-Do Items From an Email Message

Every day thousands of email messages travel back and forth that contain reminders and lists of things that need to be done. Whether it’s a work-related to-do item or something to pick up on the way home for dinner, it may need to make its way to your Task/To-Do list. Select the essential text and use Copy2Contact's™ shortcut key to instantly create a new Task/To-Do item.

Copy2Contact™ is a software tool geared to high powered sales professional. It works with:

"What a wonderful time saver! I used to copy, drag, and drop information from e-mail or the web to my Contacts. Now all I do is press F9, and everything goes where it should be."

- Peggy Duncan, author, Conquer Email Overload with Better Habits, Etiquette, and Outlook Tips and Tricks -

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"Wouldn't it be nice to wave a magic wand and watch appointments appear in your calendar and see names and phone numbers pop themselves into your contact list? A little program called Copy2Contact looks almost magical when it does its thing."

- Michelle Johnson, Boston Globe

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