Copy Contacts Outlook & Gmail Tips and Tricks

Gmail Shortcut Keys

These shortcuts work with the Gmail client on the Blackberry.

Gmail Shortcut keys from the inbox:
o – open
t – top of inbox
b – bottom of inbox
j – moves to older message
k – moves to newer item
m – mutes a conversation (bypasses the inbox)
c – compose new message
s – add remove star to message
Dangerous Shortcuts – Using these keys will remove messages from your Inbox. The only saving grace is that they messages are still in your Gmail account which means you can retreive them from a desktop.

d – deletes message without confirmation
y- moves messages to the archive
Gmail Shortcut keys from a message:

u- returns to inbox
i – returns to inbox
n – moves to next message in conversation
p – moves to previous message in conversation
t – top of conversation
b – bottom of conversation

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