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Microsoft Outlook Aliases

Using Multiple Email Addresses (Aliases)

Microsoft Outook allows you to set up multiple email accounts so that you can retrieve your home and office mail in one application. You can set up as many email accounts as you could possibly need. Sometimes though you want to set up a receive only email address, these types of addresses are sometimes called email aliases. For example you may set up an alias for multiple versions of your name: jsmith@... john@... would point to the email account john.smith@...

Step 1 - Set Up New Account

  1. Tools Menu >> Email Accounts >> Add a new e-mail account
  2. Most likely you will set up POP3 type account
  3. Completely fill out the the Internet E-mail Settings Dialog Box
  4. Apply the new settings

Outlook Internet E-mail Settings Screen Shot

Step 2 - Configure Send Receive Settings

  1. Tools Menu >> Send Receive >> Send Receive Settings >> Define Send/Receive Groups
  2. Select the Edit button
    Microsoft Send/Receive Settings Screenshot
  3. Deselect the "Receive mail items" option, you must leave the "Send mail items" checked otherwise your emails will using this alias will not be sent on a send/receive action.

    Outlook Send/Receive Groups Screen Shot

  4. Accpet the changes you have just made and now you have an email alias set up in Outlook.

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