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Autocomplete Addresses

Remove Incorrect Autocomplete Email Addresses

This is the easiest and perhaps most useful of tips relating to Outlooks email address autocomplete function. To remove an unwanted email adddress all you have to do is press the delete key when the name is highlighted.

  1. Delete Autocomplete AddressesStart typing the incorrect or unwanted address.
  2. After you have typed a few characters a list of email addresses should appear.
  3. Use your arrow keys to move to the the
    address you'd like to delete.
  4. With the desired address highlighted
    hit the delete key.
  5. The address is now removed from
    your autocomplete list.

Move Autocomplete Email Address to a New Computer

All of your autocomplete email addresses live is a special file inside your user profile. This file is not human readable so you cannot just open the file and edit the information. You can however move this file from one computer to another thus preserving your list of autocomplete email addresses.

The name an location of the file differs depending on which version of Windows you are using.

Location of Windows XP Outlook NK2 File

Location of Windows XP Outlook NK2 File
"c:\Documents and Settings\[your-profile]\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook”

Location of Windows Vista Outlook NK2 File

or from an Explorer window (run command) paste:


Find NK2 File Location

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