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Schedule Email Delivery

Schedule Email Delivery

Have you ever wanted to send an email at some point in the future, like while you were on vacation, as a reminder? Well you can do easily do it with Outlook. Important Note: This will only work if you leave your computer on. Turning off your computer will prevent Outlook from sending your email. Additionally you for this tip to be active you cannot have Word set as your email editor.

Find or create the email message you want to delay delivery of. Find the View menu and select options. Within the Delivery Options section you will see "do not deliver before". Check that box and then select the day and time that you want the message delivered after. Keep in mind this is not the time the message will be sent it is just a time before which the message cannot be sent.

Do not deliver Outlook Messages before this date

Faster Data Entry

One of the most time consuming aspects of using Outlook is data entry. Retyping contact details, adding calendar items or making new tasks can take time. Thankfully there is a way to reduce this time consuming task into a shortcut key.

This shortcut key works by copying information from emails, web pages, word documents or whenever you receive the source information electronically. Simply highlight the desired information press ctrl+c (twice quickly) and your information will copied and contextually analyzed. Address details are added as contacts, meetings are added as calendar items and so on.

This shortcut key is not a standard option in Outlook. To take advantage of this shortcut you will need to add a small helper application for Outlook Address Entry.

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