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Shortcut Keys

How to Save Time with Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft's Outlook can save you a lot of time in managing your contacts and calendar. You can save even more time if you use shortcut keys to navigate within the application.

Why should you learn keyboard commands?

The easy answer to that question is in case of hardware failure. Even the latest and greatest mouse or pointing device can fail. When it does you lose a tremendous amount of productivity if you cannot navigate your way around Outlook. See below for some helpful Outlook navigation shortcuts.

Adding a New Item - ctrl+n

Regardless of where you are in outlook if you press ctrl+n you will get a new item. This will work with email messages, calendar items, memos, adding contacts or new tasks.

Check Spelling - F7

Spell checking your Outlook data can save future embarrassment, especially if sending emails. You should make it a habit of rereading your important emails before sending them. Before rereading the message you should press F7 to have Outlook check your spelling. The built in spell checker does a good job of catching common spelling mistakes but it is not a grammar checker. You should proof your emails before sending them.

Delete Entries from Address Auto Complete - Del

Delete Auto Complete EntryThis shortcut key applies when entering an email address in a new Outlook email message. Recent versions of Outlook now keep track of email address that you reply to. Sometimes you enter the wrong email address to send a message and Outlook keeps in in the auto complete list. To get rid of these "bad" email address simple start typing the bad address until Outlook highlights it in the drop down list. Then just hit the Del key and the address will be permanently removed from your auto complete list.

Confirm Address - ctrl+K

Outlook makes it easy to add email addresses from your address book. Start typing an address and then press ctrl+k. A new dialog box will open displaying matches that Outlook found. You can then select the appropriate contact.

This shortcut key applies in all address fields but is very beneficial when inviting attendees to a meeting. Outlook does not auto-fill the email address on this screen. If the attendee of your meeting is in your Outlook address book then you type the first few letters of their email address and hit ctrl+k and the address is correctly entered. This is a big time saver, and it leads to fewer errors.

Initiate Send and Receive - F9

Not sure your email is sent? Want to check the server for new mail? Just hit F9 and Outlook will force a send and receive operation.

Outlook Navigation Shortcut Keys

ctrl+1 Move to inbox
ctrl+2 Move to calendar
ctrl+3 Move to contacts
ctrl+4 Move to tasks
ctrl+5 Move to notes
ctrl+6 Move to last open folder
Open active folder
Close active folders
Move down to next folder
Move up to next folder

How much time can you save in 14 days?